Monday, November 5, 2012


...Bead of Unusual Size. 

Having not made a B.O.U.S. before, I combined scrap with fresh color (pink) that I wasn't likely to use otherwise. That way, if I didn't care for the results it wouldn't be too tragic. Interesting, but not something I think I would do very often. I wore down two sander belts and still think it needs to be shortened up a bit. For some reason the pink is really bright in the photo - I honestly didn't color correct the image.

If you study the image closely you'll find hints of some of the challenges I have with this process. Occasionally, layers don't stick together well and the ends of the bead cane are less accurate than the center. Because all of the cane is included in this bead the ends are what show up in the grind making it difficult to create a very precise AND large bead. It's the reduction of the cane or snaking it out that makes the process more forgiving.

Last night I started two new patterns that break from some of my recent designs. Hoping to post some finished beads this week.

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